Retirement & Savings

Plan your financial future

Experts suggest that you'll need anywhere from 60 to 100 percent of your final working income to maintain your current standard of living when you retire. Outside of Social Security, chances are that your primary source of retirement income will be your own savings. CenturyLink provides a comprehensive retirement and savings program designed to help you save and give yourself a diversified source of income during retirement.

Use the tools and resources below to help you manage your retirement, savings and the financial planning needed to meet your life goals. Remember, these benefits don't change your situation overnight; it's an ongoing process. Events beyond your control such as inflation or changes in the stock market or interest rates will affect your savings and financial planning results.

Pension Plan
401(k) Savings
Your Pension Plan is a qualified defined benefit plan that promises to pay you a specified monthly benefit at retirement. CenturyLink makes all contributions to the defined benefit retirement plans. Although you do not have to make a contribution to the Pension Plan to receive a benefit, you must meet certain age and service requirements. These requirements are detailed in the Summary Plan Descriptions. Your 401(K) Plan is a qualified defined contribution plan that provides the opportunity for you and CenturyLink to work together in saving for your future. To participate in this Plan, you must contribute a portion of your salary, typically on a before-tax basis. When you make these contributions to the Plan, the company will match a portion of your contributions. You choose how your contributions are invested among a variety of funds.